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The documentation for VDB is still very much under development! If you want to contribute (or have ideas for better documentation), feel free to send me a pull request or email me.

VDB is a (mostly) python-based multi-debugging platform written by @invisig0th from the Kenshoto team.

It’s more of a layer of abstraction written around native debugging platforms and techniques (e.g. ptrace, and Windows native API debugging), which allows you to have a same basic process for debugging executables on Windows/*nix/OSX platforms.

@invisig0th has done an amazing job, and written this project pretty much by himself. I (@fitblip) have taken it upon myself to start documentation for this project in my spare time, because this project needs it!

I’ve also added a few of my own changes to @invisig0th‘s code, and fixed a couple bugs. Eventually (hopefully) they’ll be merged into the next release!

Another excellent resource is the VDB wiki itself, which just got redone and is now much more responsive.


Either download the most recent snapshot from visi’s page, or clone my repo.

Extract it to a directory you like, then do something like this in your code:

# Import standard modules
import os
import sys

# Setup our VDB path
vdb_path = "C:\\PathToVDB\\vdb_20120806"

# Insert VDB directory in search path
if vdb_path: sys.path.insert(1,vdb_path)

# Import PE and vtrace
import PE, vtrace

There isn’t a setup.py for this project, nor will there probably be, as it changes so quickly. If you really have gripes with that, send me a pull request :-P.

If you want to use the PyQt interface, obviously you need that as well!


At my blog you can find a few examples and tutorials (more to come), but watch this space, as the tutorials page is coming!

API Refrence

You can find the API reference


  1. My github repo will take and manage any pull request you can throw at it!
  2. Email visi himself
  3. Create me an issue for a feature you want/bug you’ve found, and I’ll see what I can do with

State of Project

Visi is a busy man, but he’s no doubt working on the next release. You can checkout his ReleaseNotes which gives you a good update on the progress he’s making. You can also check out my commit history to see the commits I’ve made myself.


This is @invisig0th‘s project in it’s entirety. He’s the only author, although there have been some outside contributions in the past, mostly from within the Kenshoto team.


Visi has a license somewhere, but I need to poke him, as it doesn’t specify anywhere in the code, and the LICENSE file is missing in newer releases.

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