A fork of @invisig0th's VDB, for bugfixes, and other stuff.

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This is my personal fork of @invisig0th's VDB, for bugfixes, documentation and other stuff.

I'm going to attempt to fix a bug or two I've stumbled across, and maybe come up with some tests for VDB. This will also serve as a good point for documentation (currently Epydocs until I discover enough to start some Sphinx documentation).


VDB is a debugger written using the vtrace API. For the list of kewl stuff and supported features, see the vtrace docs.


*NEW* The new docs can be found here. Eventually I will switch roles so the epydocs are the backup and the sphinx docs are hosted here and readthedocs, and will contain the updated docs

New Documentation

The documentation for VDB is somewhat non-existent, so I'm trying to fix that. Visi has done a great job of commenting his code, which makes understanding and generating documentation for this project pretty simple.

All Modules

Elf Module

Envi Module

PE Module

VDB Module

Visgraph Module

VQT Module

VTrace Module

VWidget Module


I usually run it directly from the checkout without going through any kind of installation. From a windows/unix command prompt, "python vdbbin" should suffice.

If you want to use the gui (on mac/linux/windows) you will need a working install of PyQT4

I'm not really one for writing a LOT of docs, but explore and have fun.

Known Issues