Hey, thanks for printing my resume! This site was designed to be read with a web browser, but this should be sufficient for any printing needs (even though it looks a bit wonky :-/).



Sulley Python Security

The Sulley Fuzzing Framework is a dynamic fuzzing framework with a mutation engine heavily inspired by @daveaitel's SPIKE. With the release of *awesome* things like @lcamtuf's American Fuzzy Lop, Sulley is mostly in maintenance mode. I inherited the Sulley Fuzzing Framework in 2012 from @pedramamini, and have been fixing bugs and maintaining it ever since.

WSStat Python

WSStat aims to make monitoring the health and capacity of your websocket infrastructure both beautiful and easy to understand. Written in Python3.5+, it heavily utilizes both the excellent asyncio library, as well as the wonderful urwid library, for the curses-like interface.

Team Sportsball Security

Team Sportsball is my security CTF team and consists mostly of my co-workers from various positions I've held over the years. We don't compete much anymore, but occasionally we still fire up our copies of Olly/IDA/Hopper, brush off pwntools, and hack away!

Here's what I've been up to for the past few years